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Australian Kangaroo Tail Discs 澳洲袋鼠尾骨


Kangaroo Tail Discs are cut to around 3-5cm thick and come from high-quality Australian Kangaroo tail – skin. They make a great long-lasting chew that dogs of all sizes can enjoy though they are especially good for smaller dogs where a whole tail is too much.

These treats help promote healthy teeth and gums. They are high in protein and low in fat, therefore, making Roo Tail Discs a super healthy treat for dogs.

Rich in vitamin B12 and Omega 3 for healthy joints, bones and cell renewal. Great for your dog’s immune system.

In addition, The Kangaroo used in our products are free-roaming, meaning they only eat grass and are incredibly healthy. Producing only the highest quality, lean meat. No chemicals, no preservatives and all produced in our Aussie Outback.

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