Clear Dog Treats

Australia Kangaroo Chops 澳洲袋鼠髖骨塊


Kangaroo Chops treats contain only delicious and healthy, 100% all natural, all Australian kangaroo hip bones.

They are a single-ingredient product that contains no preservatives, colours, sugar, or other additives.

These treats are a perfect dental chew for dogs of most sizes and particularly medium to larger dogs. There is a reasonable amount of meat on the bone, so these treats should keep them occupied for long periods of time.

These are super long lasting treats that are suitable for all sized dogs. You will see small dogs gnaw on them for hours on end.

They are also rich in protein and are naturally one of the leanest red meats. The low amount of fat that is present, are unsaturated fats which are vital to your dog’s health.

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