• Australia Fuzzy Dog Snuffle Mat
  • Australia Fuzzy Dog Snuffle Mat
  • Australia Fuzzy Dog Snuffle Mat

Australia Fuzzy Dog Snuffle Mat

  • $429.00
Fuzzy Dog Snuffle Mat  

Snuffle Mats are a fun mental enrichment toy for your dog.  
Great for keeping your pup busy on those rainy winter days or when you’re trying to Netflix chill and don’t want a treat ball clattering around on the floor.  

Just scatter dry food or treats onto the mat and lightly rub the mat with your hand to make the treats sink into the fleece and make them harder for your dog to find. Your dog then gets to sniff and snuffle to search for all the food hidden in the mat.  

A fun puzzle toy for your dog, sniffing and snuffling for food not only entertains dogs but can also have a calming effect as they use their noses to poke and snuffle out treats.

A great food dispenser for speedy eaters or dogs who are recovering from illness/surgery and are on restricted exercise and need something to keep them busy.

SAFETY NOTE: Snuffle Mats are recommended for supervised play only.

Fuzzy Dog Snuffle Mats measure approx. 40cm x 40cm
Available in a pretty multicoloured rainbow mix of colours (as pictured)