Astkatta Chicken & Salmon Snackats Cat Treat走地雞藍背三文魚醬 (強化免疫力配方)


Chicken & Salmon Snackats

(14g x 4)

Strengthen Immune System Formula

Our Chicken used in our foods is 100% Free Range.


Fresh Sockeye Salmon provided rich DHA & EPA for Cats. 

Rich in fiber, minerals, antioxidants and all nine essential amino acids; quinoa is one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet. It may improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels and even aid weight loss

Catnip tea is most commonly used to treat nervousness and anxiety, along with other symptoms these conditions can cause, such as indigestion and insomnia. It may be used to treat conditions or symptoms related to gastrointestinal upset.


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