茶樹潔耳膠 Tea tree ear gel


Tea tree ear gel 茶樹潔耳膠

茶樹潔耳膠是一種集安全和清潔功效於一身的耳孔清潔劑,它獨特的配方能和的把耳朵中 過剩的油脂和髒污溶解及清除。長期使用時,它當中荼樹等的天然成份能緩和犬隻痕癢,氣 味,紅鍾及過油的問題。特別適合洗澡前後和游泳前後使用。

*減少耳朵難聞味道 *幫助移除髒污和油脂 *適合長期及次數多者使用 *敏感性,紅鍾耳朵有顯著效果 *有助減少油脂產生及痕癢

A safe yet effective formula designed to help dissolve earwax and remove foreign debris. The naturally soothing active ingredients in True Iconic Tea Tree Ear Gel provide fast relief for your dog’s ears itch, smell, red, sore or greasiness.

  • Reduces ear odor
  • Safe for routine cleaning
  • Helps remove ear wax and debris
  • Great results when used for odor, wax and itching relief
  • All- natural product for fast, gentle relief
  • Helps prevent ear scratching, and wax build up. 


Use regularly to keep ears clean, fresh and dry.

Also available in 1000ml.

Recommend for all breeds. Use before or after bathing or swimming.

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