膠原蛋白洗毛液 Collagen Plus Bath Shampoo 400ML (新配方)


A specially formulated shampoo rich in Vitamins, Proteins and conditioners, which deep cleans, restores and conditions both coat and skin. Revitalizes damaged hair and decreases shedding by triple moisturizing agents. Regular use of True Iconic Collagen Plus Bath will prevent hair breakage and promote hair growth, leave the coat silky, shiny and lustrous. The Collagen Plus Bath restores the coat and skin and make it stronger and healthier.

  • Helps to prevent hair breakage
  • Reduces brittleness
  • Promote hair growth
  • Nourishes skin and coat
  • Soft and Smooth
  • Shrink pores
  • SAFE for All Skin Type
  • SAFE for All Coat Type
  • SAFE for All Breed
  • SAFE for All Colours
  • SAFE for All Climate (Humid or Dry)
Recommend for long-, smooth-, flat coated and feathering breeds; e.g. Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pug, Beagle, Doberman, Golden Retriever and hairless breeds such as the Chinese crested.
Also available in imperial Gallon Size.
Direction of applications:
Shampoo Dilution for normal skin is 1: 7 parts water.
If sensitive/ allergic dog 1:8 -10 parts of water
Note: Shampoo is without much bubbles, but cleans very well. No animal extract and No added salt (NaCi) Sodium Chloride or Coloring Dyes.

Collagen plus bath 膠原蛋白洗毛液


*減少毛髮碎裂 *幫助毛髮生長 *特級滋潤皮膚和毛髮 *柔軟順滑易梳 *收縮毛孔,為皮膚保濕 *增加自身毛髮色彩 *過敏性皮膚適合


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