Tick Off 蚤蟲牛蜱防護噴霧


防蚤蟲牛蜱保護噴霧 🐶🐱

描述:寵物外出前噴灑,可於毛髮肌膚上形成防護,使蚤蟲、牛蜱不易上身。天然防蚊、防蚤、防 蜱、防蟲草本植物,本身的氣味不為害蟲所喜好,固有鎮靜、抗炎、 抗菌、驅蟲作用。也能抑制害蟲的下一代無法產生生殖能力,藉以消除蟲害。

-戶外活動前、後噴灑於寵物身上(避免觸及眼睛),噴灑於拴狗皮帶、頸圈 及床舖上也可。




*若於草叢、樹林等處停留較長時間,回家後建議搭配「PET SPA」清洗全身,並讓洗毛精停留於毛髮3-5分鐘後再沖洗乾淨,可有效去除毛髮中的蟲卵和跳蚤。

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❌不含苯甲酸酯, 丙二醇 (化學原料, 可能導致過敏的防腐劑)
❌不經動物測試 - 愛地球,愛動物


A natural repellent to protect your pets from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and flies

The synergistic blend of natural oils in TICK OFF works to shield your pet from unwanted pests such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. TICK OFF does not contain any drugs or synthetic chemicals.

Shake vigorously before each use.

Spray generously on fur, including legs and stomach and then work into the coat if necessary. Depending on the thickness, type and length of fur, the spray may require additional rubbing to get the product through the entire coat. Avoid contact with mucus membranes by covering the animal's nose, mouth and yes when applying near the animal’s head. Use a cloth or our handy pre-soaked Flea + Tick wipes to apply the product on the animal's face. Reapply every 2-3 days or as needed before the animal goes outside. Reapply whenever the animal is thoroughly wet. Safe for daily use, if desired.
Avoid soaking the animal with the spray. Safe for use on puppies and kittens. Keep cap on the bottle when not in use. This spray can also be used on pet's bedding and grooming tools. This formula is designed to be non-staining, but we recommend testing it on fabric or other surfaces before use.


Use within 6 months of opening
Made in Hong Kong

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