Hikers and Hounds

WaterHound Dog Collar 防水狗頸帶


The WaterHound Dog Collar is a carefully designed waterproof collar with high strength stitching and hardwares. A light weight, soft and flexible webbing with adjustable length which includes an ID tag ring for additional safety. A no fuss collar, easy to clean and completly stink proof even after the muddiest adventures.

WaterHound Dog Collar Specs

  • Water proof, stink proof and easy to clean
  • ID tag ring 
  • High strength plastic hardware
  • High strength stitching 

Available sizes:

 Small 20mm width ( 33-44cm)  , Medium 20mm width (35-49cm) and Large 25mm width (43-63cm )


WaterHound Cleaning instructions

The WaterHound collection is not machine washable. Gently hand wash your WaterHound product with cool water and wipe away any dirt with your hands or soft cloth. Hang it to dry away from direct sunlight.



Ensure you have selected the appropraite product and size for your dog. Supervise your pet at all times whilst using Hikers and Hounds products. If the product is damaged or broken, do not use and replace immediatly. 

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